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About PayrollComp

Payroll Company Workers Compensation Program Check Mark   Why estimate when you can pay as you go.


PayrollComp is the original "pay as you go" payroll company partner.  Our system does not require any fancy programming or complicated spreadsheet reporting.  And we don't offer advanced proprietary technologies or unfriendly "internet only" interface.  At PayrollComp, we rely on real insurance agents and human underwriters to quote and service your clients. 


Not long ago, the only way to purchase workers' compensation insurance was to estimate payroll for an entire year and purchase a policy based on an educated guess.  And most traditional carriers require a 25% minimum premium deposit and then bill the balance via installments.  With this scenario, business owners often underestimate their payroll to reduce their upfront costs.


The problem with this method is that it requires 1) more cash up front and 2) a year end audit often resulting in more premium due just after the policy renews.


PayrollComp is the simple solution to prevent both of these common problems with the current system.  Our custom program allows for worker' compensation to be billed in "real time" based on actual payroll thereby eliminating expensive down payments and preventing year-end audit premium bills.  The result is a happier client with better cash flow and more predictability.


Since most payroll software systems contain pre-designed workers' compensation summary reports, our program only requires our payroll partners to forward us a summary report and premium for each client on the program at the end of each calendar month.


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Payroll Company Workers Compensation Program Check Mark  About The Insurance Shop

Founded in 2005, The Insurance Shop is a national leader in providing workers' compensation insurance and other insurance programs within the United States.


Now offering several Pay As You Go general liability programs.  Available in most states.


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Earn a transmission fee for every client


Our payroll partners earn a monthly transmission fee for providing us with payroll and premium data on a monthly basis.   


Our program adds value to your clients and increases your revenue stream on new and existing customers.  Fees do not affect your clients workers compensation premium.




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